What is the KW Awesome Foundation?

We all have ideas for awesome things we’d love to see happen.  They might be life-affirming, community-forming, joy-providing, mischief-making or flat-out crazy-genius – and with a little help, maybe you could really make them a reality.

Awesome Foundation KW gives out $1000 bi-monthly to help make something we think is ‘Awesome’ happen.  Anyone can apply with any project, proposal, purpose or plan they think is awesome – and if they can convince the Trustees at one of our public Pitch Nights, they walk away with the cash right there and then.  No strings attached.

To apply to pitch for $1000, use this form at http://awesomefoundation.org/submissions/new.  To get in touch, our email address is info@kwawesome.com.  To find out more about the Awesome Foundation, check out AwesomeFoundation.org, or come along to one of our Pitch Nights!